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"Natural Church Development " - A Guide to Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches by Christian A. Schwarz

"To my knowledge, there has never been such an extensive, statistically valid, worldwide church growth research project ever conducted." Bob Logan, Executive Director - CoachNet

RRP. $30.00 (plus P & P)

  "Color Your World With Natural Church Development" - Experiencing all that God has designed you to be by Christian A. Schwar

"What is the church? The church is the people. What determines the health of a church? The health of the heads, hands and hearts of those people. How can we enhance the health of a church? By enhancing the health in our heads, hands and hearts." A basic introduction to the world and tools of NCD.

RRP. $28.00 (plus P & P)


 "The ABCs of Natural Church Development" by Christian A. Schwarz

In just 20 minutes you can discover the most important principles of church development as they relate to every Christian and every church

RRP. $5.00 (plus P & P) 


"The Natural Church Development Survey" -  Includes 1 Pastor's form, 30 Members forms,1 X Set of NCD Result Guides (now all available online)

RRP. $429.00


 "Natural Church Development Implementation Guide" - Learn how to Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your church and turn barriers into opportunities by Christian A. Schwarz& Christoph Schalk

"Every church is unmistakably unique. Instead of projecting the experiences of a few successful model churches on every church, Natural Church Development helps you discover and develop the God-given, unique nature of your church."

      RRP. $30.00 (plus P & P)

  "Paradigm Shift in the Church" - How Natural Church Development can transform theological thinking by Christian A. Schwarz

Paradigm Shift in the Churchspeaks about nothing less than a reformation. Some critics suggested that this term sounds rather lofty. That may be true. But Christian Schwarz is convinced that we will make no significant progress without changes as radical as those of the Reformation.

RRP. $30.00 (plus P & P)


 "The 3 Colors of Ministry" - A trinitarian approach to identifying and developing your spiritual gifts by Christian A. Schwarz

"In addition to emphasizing the critical importance of using your gifts in an authentically trinitarian way, this book shows you where you most need to focus your energies in order to bring this kind of balance to your Christian service. The natural result will be increased effectiveness."

 NCD Discipleship Resources.     RRP. $24.00 (plus P & P)

 "How to Implement The 3 Colors of Ministry in Your Church"  by Christian A. Schwarz

This handbook assists leaders in the implementation of gift-based ministry. It contains many worksheets, checklists and implementation ideas. It also includes a CD-ROM with all of the diagrams and cartoons of The 3 Colors of Ministry for use in teaching, as well as software to help you analyze the results for your church.

RRP. $24.00 (plus P & P)


  "How to Study The 3 Colors of Ministry in Your Small Group"  The Group Leader's Guide for 'Gift-based Ministry'   by Christian A. Schwarz & Brigitte Berief-Schwarz

This Group Leader's Guide provides suggestions for one, three, six or twelve sessions. Its concepts can be related to virtually any form of small group.

RRP. $24.00 (plus P & P)


"How to Use The 3 Colors of Ministry in a Mentoring Relationship"  The Mentor's Guide for 'Gift-based Ministry'   by Christian A. Schwarz 

This handbook assists 'gift counselors' and others who want to come alongside other believers one-on-one in order to help them relate their gifts to corresponding tasks within the church.

RRP. $24.00 (plus P & P)


 "The 3 Colors of Love" - The art of giving and receiving justice, truth and grace by Christian A. Schwarz 

The Spiritual Color Wheel: How to experience love in all three dimensions
The Fruit of the Spirit Test:  What is your personal starting point
Practical Suggestions:  20 exercises that can transform your church into an oasis of love
  NCD Discipleship Resources                    RRP. $24.00 (plus P & P) 


 "How to Implement The 3 Colors of Love in Your World" - A practical Guide for Small Group members, Couples, Pastors, Elders, Church planters, Mentors, and all who want to grow in loveby Adam Johnstone             

"Find your seat and open your head, hands and heart for a journey that will transform all relationships of which you are a part. Your teacher will be the God who is Love. The classroom? Every meeting place within your world. Your classmates? Anyone you would like to share the journey with."

 NCD Implementation Resources.     RRP. $24.00 (plus P & P)


"The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality"  How do you most naturally connect with God by Christian A. Schwarz

The Spiritual Style Test: Identify your personal "antenna" to God
The Trinitarian Compass:  Grow toward radical balance in your spiritual life
Mutual Mentoring:  Learn from God's truth, goodness and beauty in other believers
NCD Discipleship Resources                    RRP. $24.00 (plus P & P) 

  "The Threefold Art of Experiencing God" The Liberating Power of a Trinitarian Faith  by Christian A. Schwarz

"A new understanding of the Trinity not only leads us toward a new view of God, it also guides to a new experience with God."

RRP. $10.00 (plus P & P)

 "The Silent Transformation" by Christoph Schalk with Julie Belding and Daniel Catalano - 80 Stories from all over the world showing Natural Church Development in action

How Churches have experienced the Power of the NCD Growth Forces:  Interdependence - Multiplication - Energy Transformation - Sustainability - Symbiosis - Fruitfulness

RRP. $15.00 (plus P & P)


 "Life Giving Principles" - CD-ROM

An Introduction to Natural Church Development and the Biotoc Principles (6 Growth Forces)

RRP. $30.00 (plus P & P)

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